Wednesday, 23 May 2018

RE Week

We have been exploring our world and seeing how wonderful it is!
What did you find that was amazing?

Sunday, 29 April 2018

Mr McGregor

We think Mr McGregor has visited our classroom.  We have been busy designing and building his shed and planning what he might do in there.
What do you think MrMcGregor will do in his shed?


Four pots were in our classroom after lunch.  We predicted what we thought might be under them.
Were you correct?  What did you think was under the pots?


Someone came into our classroom and set up a shed with gardening equipment and a garden.  Who could it have been?
Who do you think it was?

Friday, 20 April 2018

Pop-up Book

We love our Three Billy Goats Gruff pop-up book.  We also put our writing about our lambing visit in. 
Have you got a favourite part of the story and a favourite character?

Self Portraits

We have been busy creating self portraits for the front covers of our new learning journeys.  This time we used pens to draw and then watercolour paints to add colour.  We had to remember to make sure our brushes had enough water on them to use the paint, and to control our brushes when we applied the paint.
What did you like about using the watercolour paints?

Signs of Spring

During playtime we spotted one of our trees had some blossom growing and a few leaves were beginning to sprout.  We brought a branch in to have a closer look.
Can you spot some signs of spring on your walk to school?