Tuesday, 30 January 2018

The Big Bad Mouse

We drew and painted what we think the Big Bad Mouse might look like after reading the description in the story.


We have been practicing our reading and spelling.  
Did you read or write any words?


We have been enjoying telling the story of The Gruffalo's Child using the story maps we made.
Which part is your favourite?

Sunday, 21 January 2018


We have been making pictures of who we think might have visited us.  We also had a go at drawing and writing with sticks as our visitors had dropped a stickman on the floor outside our cave.
Who do you think has visited us?


We have been sequencing numbers, talking about which numbers are more than and less than any number to 20.


We found some footprints in our classroom after lunchtime.  Do you know who might have made them?
Do you think they will be friendly?

Special Places

We have been looking at different places that are special to people.  The church is a special place if you are a Christian and a mosque is a special place if you are Muslim.
Have you got a special place?