Friday, 27 October 2017

Getting into Hogworts

We received a message from Harry Potter saying they were looking for more witches and wizards to join them at Hogworts. We decided to write to Harry Potter to say what sort of witch or wizard we wanted to become, for example; mean, evil, friendly or helpful.

In the afternoon Harry Potter sent us a letter to say we had all been accepted into Hogworts and had been sent a treat to celebrate!  It looked yucky but was very yummy when we tried it!
What sort of witch or wizard did you write on your hat?

Room on the Broom

We talked about witches and wizards and decided that they were sometimes evil, mean and nasty, casting spells to turn people into frogs.  We listened to Room on the Broom and decided some witches are kind, friendly and helpful.
Did you make a witch?

Number Fun

We have been having lots of fun counting spiders onto their webs!
How many spiders did you count onto a web?

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Poetry Days

We have spent two days exploring poetry.  We learnt a poem about a firefighter We then worked in group to create our own about police officers.  We hope you enjoy listening to our poems.

Thursday, 5 October 2017


This week we have enjoyed the story of Pinocchio.  When he told lies his nose grew very long but when he was very kind and helpful he turned into a real boy.
We had a go at painting Pinocchio, learning to be really careful in how we drew and then painted him.

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Number and Counting Fun

We have been busy practicing our counting and number recognition skills, applying them to lots of different activities in the classroom.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Well done Kandinsky

We got a certificate in assembly today for having 100% attendance last week, that means we were all in everyday last week.  This means we get to sit on the benches next week at the back as a reward.  Let's see if we can get 100% this week too!